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Invest in Digital Health

We build investment strategies that target Digital Health solutions poised for growth
What we offer
Track Record

Our portfolio of investments includes dozens of DHIs that have been seeing great results.


Portfolio Growth Over 5 Years


Companies in Portfolio


Net IRR of 40% Life to Date

Pain Points for Investors

Investors want to support a healthcare revolution, but are wary of supporting yet another public digital health failure.

Difficulty Picking Solutions in a Confusing Field

Investors are overwhelmed with the litany of solutions, all claiming 5X ROI and unprecedented results. They all seem promising, but which ones can actually become viable businesses?

Products are Full of Belief but Lacking Evidence

Healthcare still needs clinical proof that a solution works, and the industry is not yet set up to support digital innovations in achieving that proof. And a product without proof won’t get anywhere in this market.

Great Ideas Fail In the Real World of a Clinician’s Office

We’ve seen countless ideas fail when it comes to integrating a solution into a clinical workflow. Without well thought out plans, and flexible, localized adoption support, good ideas are swallowed by the harsh reality of abandonment.

Why Choose Us

Why Financial Institutions Choose Us

We bring decades of experience in healthcare innovation and an unparalleled network of providers and health institutions so that you can accelerate your path toward revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Experience designing investment portfolios

We have decades of experience designing Innovation and investment strategies for some of the most premier organizations in the world.

Unmatched Experience with Digital Health Validation Trials

Our experts formed one of the first research support organizations focused exclusively on clinical trials for digital health solutions. Over the greater part of a decade, we have worked with dozens of tech companies to independently validate their solution.

Dedication to Operationalizing Investments

A critical component for our success is our focus on operationalizing our DHIs. At one institution, we operationalized and implemented our DHI investments within the enterprise, generating new revenue and cost reduction worth 2.6M…..within one year!

An Expansive Portfolio with Measured Results

Our portfolio contains 25+ Companies and growing in digital health alone to include direct and adjacent industries. Throughout the years of portfolio growth we’ve maintained a 40% Net IRR life to date.

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